A whole new approach to Yoga Asana has come to the Toledo Area!

We specialize in YogAlign, which focuses on enhancing postural alignment. Nobody has to touch their toes or force their spine to perform extreme yoga poses that have nothing to do with the way our body is designed to move!

Our approach to yoga is one of self-healing -- of involving your whole mind and body. We don’t believe in using force! We practice Ahimsa, non-violence, bringing self-compassion and caring to mindfully and intelligently becoming more fully ourselves.

YogAlign utilizes very scientific-based efficient, functional movement exercises that mimic how the body naturally moves, offering the best antidote to the dysfunctional movement patterns that exist in our technological device based modern culture, while avoiding long-term use injuries associated with many traditional yoga poses.

It’s amazing to see the shifts that can happen in just one of our yoga classes!

We focus on deep rib cage ‘core’ breathing, PNF stretching, and maintaining our four spinal curves, which releases excess tension and increases mobility without stressing the joints. As muscle length and tone becomes more balanced in the front and back of the body, we are brought into more optimal postural alignment and our energy is significantly freed up to become more available for our busy lives!

Most of our yoga classes are practiced in a moderately heated room to promote detoxification through sweating. The heat and humidity create a spa-like atmosphere and make the body very warm, relaxed and therefore naturally more receptive to letting go of tensions.

At the end of a yoga session you will feel more energized, more aligned, stronger, centered, calmer ……with your body more integrated, and moving and breathing with less effort, less tension, and no PAIN!

Check out our offerings to start your sustainable yoga practice now!

Aloha & Namaste,

Joe Sparks



"You will never forget your 1st HOT Yoga class. It is the Best!" - Michael F.
"I look forward to sweating hard and feeling all relaxed and loosened up." - Tina B.
"HOT Yoga & HOT Kettlebells are fun!" - Jerry T.
"Joe makes Kettlebells challenging and FUN!" - Linda M.
"Hot yoga is helping me to regain muscle strength and overall sense of well being. Joe explains the correct method of doing the movements throughout the class. He encourages everyone. We learn something new about the same movement every day and that knowledge makes you believe in this exercise even more." - Mitzi
"Hot yoga has been a great experience for my stressed out life. As Joe says, 'It's your hot yoga and you don't have to think about or do anything else right now, but breathe.' It's a Godsend and is teaching me to slow down and take time for me, and I never ever thought I'd do yoga let alone hot yoga! Thanks Joe." - Barb S.
"After 5 months of hot yoga with Joe, I have more energy, stamina, muscle tone and a sense of well being. Hot yoga has put the mind-body connection together for me." - Deb

"Yoga isn't a cure for many things, but there's almost nothing it can't help."

Run with Joe: POSE Running Clinics

runner for web.jpg

Next Clinic:

October 10, 2015, Saturday 2-6 pm

Always wanted to try running? Been thinking about getting back into it after a break? Want to increase your efficiency? Like to run, but got injured doing it? Learn proper running technique to be an efficient injury free runner. Take advantage of the Summer running season to run for fitness and health!

Appropriate for both new and experienced runners!

$75 -- Limited to 8 students.

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Clinics Include:

• An introduction to the POSE Method of running -- a forefoot running technique developed by Dr. Romanov, four-time Olympic Coach and sport scientist. POSE Running eliminate overuse injuries caused by improper running form. It is the only technique scientifically proven to reduce impact on knees by 50%.
• Video analysis of each participant's running style with personal technique assessment.
• Fun effective drills and innovative exercises to increase flexibility, coordination, strength and stability.
• A 40 page instruction and training manual.
• Featuring specialized drills with the EZ Run Belt, invented by Joe Sparks and endorsed by POSE Method Founder Dr. Nicholas Romanov.

Watch Joe running on ice to demonstrate the

effectiveness of the POSE Running Method.

Joe Sparks, owner of Hot YogAlign With Joe, was a triathlete for 12 years, and has coached running for teams and individuals for the last 13 years. He has been a certified Level 3 POSE Running Coach, training directly with Dr. Romanov. Joe is the inventor of the EZ Run Belt, used worldwide by runners and triathletes to improve performance and recover from injuries. The EZ Run Belt has been utilized in two scientific studies looking at running mechanics and related injuries, and has recently caught the interest of the US military for training soldiers.

Lose Weight, Tone Up, Feel & Look GREAT!


Fantastic 60 minute workout!


Schedule: Mon, Wed, Thurs 7:30pm; Sat 11:00am

CLICK HERE for details and what to bring

  • Kettlebell Fat Loss Workouts
  • Russian Kettlebells for Busy Women
  • Kettlebell Video
  • Watch Joe demonstrate Kettlebells on Channel 11!


    "I lost 20 lbs in 10 weeks since I started Hot Kettlebells! You will love it! Fantastic workout! Get ready to sweat!"

    -- Diane P.